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Cinco De Mayo

Mexican Feast

A Healthy Table


Being in the middle of a mold detox diet can be frustrating when family and friends want to eat on Cinco De Mayo.  One of the worst feelings on Cinco De Mayo is that you can't seem to eat anything because it is covered in gluten (tortillas), dairy (dips and sour creams), sugar (desserts and drinks) and highly-moldy foods like grains (corn and rice), beans, beers, wines, cheese and more.

I decided to re-invent some of the foods I used to consume on this holiday and turn them into something that myself and my family could eat without getting extremely ill the next day or week after. 

Keep in mind...Holiday recipes on this website are NOT 90 day-strict (Phaze4).  They are meant to offer you a break and some flexibility for just "ONE DAY" of the year and enjoy food without obsessing over strict rules and restrictions.  However, they DO NOT contain Gluten, Processed Sugars, Foods HIGH in mold like corn or soy or wheat and they are all Dairy-Free. Don't beat yourself up on Cinco De Mayo and stop to enjoy the celebrations of life and the season without eating a bunch of junk. 

Veggie Poke
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