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What is the PhazeMoldDiet & 

How Does It Work?

The PhazeMoldDiet is the original Mold Detox Diet created by the founder of, Jennifer Cannon in 2014.  The diet was rebranded and named Phaze Mold Diet in 2020 to feature the proprietary phazes that help clients have better success at sticking to a mold detoxification diet.  

Simply having those with a positive diagnosis of mold illness, mycotoxicosis or CIRS, start eating a mold detoxification diet can most often lead to food cravings, being "hangry" and simply not sticking to the 3-6 month eating restrictions.  

With the Phaze Mold Diet we help you and mold patients on a 12 month journey to learn about sugar weaning, moldy foods to avoid, immune-boosting properties of specific foods and overall how to continue to eat balanced Whole-Food meals after they are well again. 

Along with proper treatment, mold avoidance practices, mold prevention and detox...the PhazeMoldDiet provides an additional tool in helping sufferers of mold toxicity to recover better.  

Salmon Plate

How It Works


You'll start with Phaze 1 and follow the guidelines, food recommendations and food lists.


Unlike other diets, PhazeMoldDiet has 8 phazes that gradually guide you into detox and into a new healthier lifestyle during and after detox


Each Phaze has a corresponding "PHAZE GUIDE" that goes with it.  Before you start your next Phaze you'll read through the guides and go back to them as needed to make sure you understand the purpose for that Phaze.


Each Phaze has specific recipes that are allowed during the duration of that Phaze.  To reap the benefits of the PhazeMoldDiet you'll want to stay within your "Phaze" at all times. All recipes have been tested and approved.


Each "Phaze" has a detailed, and very specific food list that has been researched heavily to match the common goal of that Phaze.

Staying in your "Phaze" is very important for your success on the PhazeMoldDiet.


While you are on the PhazeMoldDiet we've created a discussion community for you to get help, answers to questions and maybe even some positive encouragement from other members who are doing the diet with you.

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