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Our plans are simple:  If you don't need guidance and are familiar with how to transition from phaze-to-phaze we offer free guides and basic information to get started for FREE.  If you want all 8 Phaze guides and new recipes each

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    Limited Access - Basic Information /Self Led without recipes
    Free Plan
    • List of what you can eat ONLY for Phaze4 (strict detox)
    • List of foods to avoid for ONLY Phaze4 (strict detox)
    • Informative Articles and Blog Posts
    • RECIPES are "not" included with this plan
    • List of what the 8 "Phazes" are

    Phaze MEMBER

    Every month
    For those who want access to Phaze Mold Diet plan & recipes
    • 8 Phaze Descriptions
    • Food learning guide for each currently available Phaze
    • List of "What to Eat" for each diet phase
    • Informative Articles & Blog Posts
    • Full color recipes for all currently available Phazes
    • List of "Moldy Foods"
    • Discussion Community for Social connection and help
    • Join specific Phaze Level Groups & Discussions
    • Join specific groups like "Food Sensitivities" and more...
    • Join the PhazeMoldDiet group just for "KIDZ" recipes
    • Join the "Holidays" group for special recipes for Holidays
    • List of "Hidden Sugar Names" to look out for
    • Complete List of "Hidden ingredients" that contain Gluten