Food Buying Guide A-Z

Organic Avocado


Avocado is one of those pieces of produce that many people have a hard time "buying" correctly.  There is a myth that Avocado can be bought strictly on it's appearance and color but that simply isn't true when it comes to getting the perfect Avocado for your recipes.  If you follow my 1, 2, 3 step process you should be an expert on Avocado buying every time. 


  • 1st:  How it feels - Pick up an Avocado in your hand.  Squeeze it VERY gently.  If the fruit yields "SLIGHTLY", it's ripe and ready to eat today or tomorrow.  If the fruit is "hard" and "DOES NOT YIELD AT ALL", it's not ripe and it's a perfect choice if you plan on making something with Avocado in the next 3-5 days.  If the fruit is mushy and "YIELDS BACK" soft, it's too ripe and it could potentially have dangerous "mold" that can set you back from your detoxification diet.

    Mold is a clear sign that an avocado is spoiled. Do not "buy" Avocados that "YIELD BACK" in your hand.  This also applies to Avocado you have already bought at home.  You should discard the entire fruit, as the mold can spread through the soft flesh but may not be entirely visible.


  • 2nd: What color it is - The color myth is the strategy most-often used in picking out Avocados but with all my experience as a "moldie" I have definitely found out that what some people consider "ok" to eat is just not safe for someone on a mold diet and you should definitely lean more toward "How it Feels" as your first line of defense in the grocery aisle.

  • 3rd: When you are going to use it - the last step is to know exactly when you plan on using it.  If you plan on using it for today or tomorrow you want the avocado that has a little bit of "YIELDING BACK" and may have a little green left to it.  If you don't plan on using for the next 3-5 days you want the Avocado that "DOESN'T YIELD AT ALL" and is fairly green all over.  And the most obvious one is the Avocado that is black and don't want to buy it or if it's at home you really want to throw that one out for sure.

Turkey bacon Phaze Mold Diet detox.jpg

Turkey Bacon

Turkey bacon is approved for all 8 phazes of the "Phaze Mold Diet".  One mistake made is thinking that because it's Turkey it must be healthy.  In fact, most turkey bacon sold in stores is actually very unhealthy and is over-processed, made from unhealthy turkeys that are fed inflammatory food scraps or moldy rations and treated with antibiotics and the meat contains dangerous nitrates and chemical preservatives.  All of this can keep your body inflamed, sick and toxic.  Make sure you are choosing turkey or turkey bacon using the list below: 

  • Only use Uncured Bacon

  • No Nitrates

  • No Preservatives

  • No Gluten Fed

  • No Casein 

  • No Antibiotics Used