Why carrots are 100% "approved" on the PhazeMoldDiet

Carrots and their amazing "Anti-Fungal" properties

Are Carrots friend or foe for a person exposed to Mold?

When I first found out my symptoms were related to being exposed to Toxic Mold I knew that diet was going to be at the forefront of my recovery.

However, not everyone who is dealing with Candida was directly exposed to toxic mold in their home or environment.  But I encourage anyone who is interested in solving their Candida issues read this article as it was "life changing" for me.

I was given diets and protocols by many mold sufferers as well as even mold doctors.

One of the things that seemed to be a common debate was that of the "Carrot".  I was told by 50% of the sources that carrot was NOT something I should consume because it was considered a root vegetable.  After all root vegetables have a bad rap for harboring mold & fungus under the ground correct?  Then the other 50% were telling me that no it was actually quite the opposite...that carrots had a natural anti-fungal property that prevents mold from getting into the carrot.

So I decided to do my own research and here is what I found:

Doug Kaufmann of "Know the Cause" has an ever-popular book called "The Fungus Link".  Since then he's written a few other extensions of the book. He has been a pioneer in the field of relating molds and fungus to almost every known disease humans are currently facing.  One of the conditions he focuses on quite a bit is that of "Candida". In his books he even talks about the benefits of Carrots as anti-fungal.

I began to research the subject more in depth by applying it straight to mold exposure and to my surprise I found a book by Kurt & LeAnn Billings called "MOLD: The War Within".  In the book they referenced that they had used carrots in their juicing protocol to fight Candida. 

My next step was to find the real scientific data to back it up.  Being skeptical by nature I needed more proof as I didn't want to put something into my body that was going to keep me sick, Lord knows I had suffered enough already.

I ran across a surprisingly "AWESOME" research and laboratory test that gave me all the confidence I needed to move forward. 

Aren't Carrots High in Sugar? 

This might shock you and be something hard to wrap your head around, but carrots are NOT HIGH IN SUGAR.  What?? "But I've been told this my whole life!!"  Well, guess've been told wrong.  One carrot only contains 2.9 grams of sugar.  This is slightly a tick above your average lemon.  Remember, lemons and limes are the lowest sugar content of any fruit.  One lemon contains approximately 1.5 grams of sugar.  

Aren't carrots considered moldy because they grow underground? No.  Carrots have their own built-in antifungal protective chemical compounds.  Purified ethanolic extracts of peeled and shredded carrots have an antimicrobial effect against a range of food-borne micro-organisms as well as Candida.


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