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3 Simple Benefits of Celtic Sea Salt for a Mold Diet

What is Celtic Sea Salt?

Enrich your mold detoxification cooking recipes with the ancient sea salt of the Celtic coast of France. This salt emerges from the misty waters of the Celtic Sea, evaporated naturally by sun and wind. Unlike refined table salt, Celtic sea salt retains a hint of ocean moisture, with a soft, damp texture. Its hues can range from warm gray to deep charcoal, tinted by the myriad of minerals within. This is salt in its purest form, bursting with over 92 essential nutrients like magnesium, iron, and potassium. Celtic sea salt is a taste of the sea, delivered with a dose of life-saving nutrients that give us health and vitality. Its rich complexity and moist, mineral-infused crystals have made it a cherished salt for centuries. A sprinkle of this French sea salt can transform any of your PhazeMoldDiet recipes into a healing experience.

Something important to know: Though the label claims this sea salt hails exclusively from the shores of western France, a closer look reveals that much of the salt carrying the Celtic Sea Salt name actually comes from seas and oceans around the globe. The branding evokes images of windswept Brittany cliffs, but the contents of the grinder may well originate anywhere from the Mediterranean to the South China Sea. So while the marketing conjures up notions of authenticity, in reality this "Celtic" sea salt can be a blend sourced from waters far and wide. ALWAYS CHECK A BRANDS SOURCE BEFORE CONSUMING CELTIC SEA SALT

Celtic Sea Salt for Mold Detox Phaze Mold Diet

Here are just a few of the health benefits of using Celtic Sea Salt on the PhazeMoldDiet:

  1. Promotes healthy cell growth Celtic sea salt is a valuable source of minerals that support the growth of new, healthy cells. It provides 92 trace minerals, including 24 that are considered essential for bodily functions like muscle contraction, nerve signaling, and cognitive ability. Deficiencies in these minerals can potentially lead to concerning symptoms such as muscle spasms, nervous system disorders, and even brain damage. Toxic mold exposure can potentially lead to mineral deficiencies. Exposure can indirectly impact nutrient absorption and utilization in the body, potentially leading to deficiencies over time. Regular daily consumption of Celtic Sea Salt can help water and minerals reach the cell, which in turn promotes the growth of healthy cells. Unlike regular table salt, Celtic sea salt allows fluid to flow freely between the bloodstream and tissues. This helps prevent buildup around the joints that could potentially cause edema or kidney problems. The abundant minerals in Celtic sea salt make it a simple way to obtain hard-to-get nutrients that are vital for optimal detoxification and health.

  2. Reduces Mucus in nose, sinuses and lungs   Celtic sea salt offers multiple health benefits related to inflammation and congestion. The salt helps draw excess moisture out of the body, reducing swelling in the nasal passages and sinuses. It can also help break up and clear mucus accumulation in the lungs. Beyond treating congestion, Celtic sea salt may alleviate water retention and joint inflammation caused by mold exposure, thanks to its dehydrating properties. Research shows the unique mineral composition of Celtic sea salt enhances these effects. Using this traditional salt is a simple, natural way to find relief from stuffy noses, chest congestion, and joint swelling caused by exposure to toxic molds.

  3. Corrects Iodine Deficiency from a Mold Exposure Your body needs iodine to regulate hormones and support thyroid health. Mold exposure leads to gastrointestinal issues and compromises the immune system, this could indirectly affect iodine absorption and utilization. Additionally, chronic stress from dealing with the effects of mold exposure could impact thyroid function, which is crucial for iodine utilization in the body. That's where Celtic sea salt comes in. It contains natural iodine to fill the gaps. Research shows vitamin C boosts iodine absorption, too. Together, they can prevent deficiencies linked to infertility, cancer risk, and goiters. Unlike added iodine in salts, Celtic sea salt offers this essential mineral in its natural form. A sprinkle in your lemon water or food, provides your body what it's missing.

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