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List of PhazeMoldDiet "approved" Olive Oils

Did you realize that a large percentage of so-called "Olive Oils" on the shelves in grocery stores are either fake, mixed with other types of inflammatory oils OR they are not 100% pure from the same grower of olives.

This can be a dangerous mistake if you are trying to detox from mold which is an inflammatory condition.

Below is a list of "approved" oils that are certified as 100% olive oil

11 Olives


43 Ranch Olive Oil

Leccino Lucca Picual

80 Monterey



Adobe Canyon Farms

Al Pie del Cielo

Codorniz Early Harvest Coratina Codorniz Field Blend Codorniz Early Harvest Pendolino

Alta Cresta

Coratina Frantoio Italian Blend Kitchen Blend Tuscan Blend

Apollo Olive Oil

Aglandau – Organic Barouni Coratina – Organic Grossane – Organic Millers Favorite – Organic Mistral – Organic Salute – Organic Sierra – Organic


Bari Olive Oil Co.

Arbosana – Kosher Koroneiki – Kosher Traditional – Kosher

Barton Olive Oil Company

Bella Grace Vineyards

Bella Vista Olive Oil

Field Blend – Organic

Berardo Estates Olive Oil

Tuscan Blend

Berkeley Olive Grove 1913

Mission Classic – Organic | Kosher Mission Gold – Organic | Kosher Mission Robust – Organic | Kosher

Beyond the Olive

Arbequina Arroyo Seco Ascolano Beautiful Altadena Bosana – Organic Frantoio Leccino – Organic Picual Tuscan Blend

Bobcat Ridge Olive Oil

Boccabella Farms

Arbequina Field Blend Winemakers Blend


Estate Blend – Organic

Bozzano Olive Ranch

Bosana – Organic Ascolano – Organic Ascolano – Conventional Frantoio – Organic Taggiasca – Organic Leccino – Organic Coratina – Organic

Bramble Family Farms

Buckshot Ranch


Burroughs Family Orchard

Family Blend – Organic Koroneiki – Organic


Calabrese Olive Oil

Arbequina Tuscan Blend

California Gold Olive Oil Company

Arbequina Estate Favolosa Estate Blend

Calolea Olive Oil

Manzanillo Mission Blend

Campodonico Olive Farm

Tuscan Blend – Organic

Capay Valley Ranches

Arbequina Koroneiki

Casa Colibri Farms

Spanish Fusion

Central Coast Olive Oil Company

Mission Reserve

Chacewater Olive Mill

Allegra – Organic Favolosa – Organic Tuscan Blend – Organic

Ciarlo Fruit and Nut

Ciarlo Estate The ‘Hood

Clif Bar Family Winery & Farm

Napa Valley Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Organic

Cloud 9 Orchard

Classic Blend Limited Reserve

Cobram Estate

California Select Classic Mild Robust

Colavita USA

100% Californian

Coldani Olive Ranch – Calivirgin

Calivirgin Premium Lodi Olive Oil – Ascolano Lodi Olive Oil – Frantoio Lodi Olive Oil – Miller’s Blend

Collina di Mela

Corto Olive Co


Country Living

The Dolby Family

CP Farms

Estate Arbequina Estate Koroneiki


Daisy Hill Farms

Manzanillo-Arbequina – Organic

Dogtown Orchards

Dutch Henry Winery

Blend – Organic


E & J Gallo Winery

Gallo Family

Eisele Vineyards (Kerwin Estate)

Eisele Vineyards Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Organic

ENZO Olive Oil Company

Delicate – Organic | Kosher Medium – Organic | Kosher Bold – Organic | Kosher Miller’s Blend – Organic | Kosher

Eyrie Olive Oil Co.

Tuscan Blend – Organic Tuscan Artisan Blend


Fandango Olive Oil

Bueno – Organic Cocina – Organic Elegante – Organic Fiesta – Organic

Fat Gold Productions

Blue Label Gold Label Leccino Moraiolo Picual Taggiasca

Frantoio Grove

Frantoio – Organic

Fresno State Orchards

Arbosana Koroneiki Miller’s Blend


Gold Ridge Organic Farms

Arbequina Blend – Organic Minerva Blend – Organic Picholine Blend – Organic Tuscan Blend – Organic

Green Valley Olive

Hidden Hills Estate Single Estate

Grove 45

Grumpy Goats Farm

Coratina – Organic Frantoio – Organic Italian Blend – Organic Hojiblanca – Organic Nocellara del Belice – Organic Pendolino – Organic Picual – Organic


Halter Ranch

Picual Tuscan

High Top Ranch

Holman Ranch

Tuscan Blend




Jackrabbit California Olive Oil

Coratina Variety Frantoio Variety Relaxed Blend

Jovia Groves

Jubaea Estate

Tuscan Blend – Organic


Kasandrinos - Greece


Chef’s Pick – Organic Rock Hill Ranch Estate Grown

Kiler Ridge Olive Farm

Cook’s Choice Coratina Gregg’s Reserve Nocellara del Belice Taggiasca Tuscan

Kirkland Signature

Knutsen Farms

Redding Picholine


Laconia-Crete Olive Oil Company

Lacrime di San Miguel

Euro Blend Nocellara del Belice

La Ferme Soleil

Tuscan Blend – Organic

Las Sirenas Olive Oil

Lavanda Cresta Olive Oil Company

Lone Oak Olive Oil

Long Meadow Ranch Winery

Napa Valley Select – Organic Prato Lungo – Organic


Sicilian Blend


Macala Orchards

Carolea Farga Fratello Blend Itrana Blend Nonna’s Blend Picholine Sicilian Blend

Mangini Ranch Olive Oil Company

Manzanillo Mission Picholine Picual

Marciano Estate

Italian Blend – Organic Massiglia – Organic

Marcum Olive

Milagros Olive Advisor

Milagros – Organic

The Mill at Kings River

Arbequina – Kosher Arbequina – Organic Arbosana – Kosher Arbosana – Organic Koroneiki – Kosher Koroneiki – Organic Organic Blend – Organic | Kosher

Mooney Farms

Bella Sun Luci – Kosher

Moonrise Grove

Mission – Organic

MoonShadow Grove

Ascolano – Organic Miscela Delicata – Organic Miscela Robusta – Organic

Mountain Springs Olive Ranch

Estate Grown Arbequina Estate Grown Koroneiki


The Napa Valley Reserve

Neal Family Vineyards

Nemechek Gold

Nuvo Olive Oil

Early Harvest Estate Blend Expert Blend


Oak-Hill Olives

Odelay Olive Oil

Estate Grown Arbequina

Old Chatham Ranch


Arbosana Chiquitita Coratina Koroneiki Picual Tuscan Blend

Olivaia’s OLA

Block X Sevilliano

Olivas de Oro Olive Company

Mission Reserve

Olive Good Farm

Olive Love

Frantoio Picual Taggiasca

Olive Pit

Tri-peak Frate Sole

Olive Truck

Hojiblanca Frantoio Picual Tuscan Blend

Oliveto del Vecchio

Oliveto Ranch

Tuscan Blend

Olivewood Ranch Olive Oil

O Olive Oil

California Organic – Organic California Premium

Orange Blossom Family Farm

Tuscan Blend

Organic Roots Olive Oil

Arbequina – Organic Koroneiki – Organic

Other Brother Company

Peppery Shorty Smooth Tallboy

Owens Creek Company

Quartetto Classico Quartetto Viola


Panacea Farms



California Classic Cucina Tuscan

Pine Mountain Olive Farm


Field Blend – Organic

Pleasant Valley Farms


100% California


Enhance Transform



The Ranch at Birch Creek

Arbequina Estate Blend

Rancho Milagro

Rio Bravo Ranch

Coratina – Organic Frantoio – Organic Picual – Organic

Round Pond Estate

Italian Varietal Spanish Varietal

Rosenthal Olive Ranch

Arbosana Koroneiki

Royal Oil from The Queen of Trees

Rudd Estate

Napa Valley Field Blend


San Miguel Olive Farm

Tuscan Gold Eleganza Elite Tuscan Gold Nectar Bravo Tuscan Gold Paradiso

San Paulo Olive Farm

Frantoio / Leccino

Seka Hills

Estate Arbequina Estate Frantoio Estate Picual Estate Taggiasca Extra Virgin California Olive Oil

Showa Farm

Arbequina – Organic


Melina’s Harvest

Sky Ranch

Il Cocuzzolo

Skywalker Vineyards


Spanish Oaks Ranch

Arbequina Italian Blend Picual Spanish Blend

Starcross Family Confraternity

Sister Julie’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Organic

Stonepine Estate

Sunrise Olive Ranch

Arbequina – Kosher Arbosana – Kosher Koroneiki –  Kosher Oliana –  Kosher

Swayne Family Ranch

Tuscan Blend


Templeton Olive Oil


Tiber Canyon Ranch

Tuscan Blend

Tierra Santa Orchards

Spanish and Italian Blend – Organic

Tres Osos

Robust – Organic



Val di Luna Farms

Vaqueros Ranch

Arbequina – Organic


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Black Label – Organic Organic Extra Virgin Koroneiki Olive Oil – White Label – Organic


Warm Springs Farm

Wild Groves

Arbequina Ascolano Barouni Coratina Coratina Nemechek Frantoio Foxy Kitchen Blend Koroneiki Manzanillo Robust Blend

Wild Poppies Olive Oil

Ascolano Orchard Blend Taggiasca

Winery Sixteen 600

Kamen Ranch

Wonder Valley

Tuscan Blend



Yannis Nezos

Arbequina Blend – Kosher Coratina Frantoio Koroneiki – Kosher Mission-Manzanillo Tuscan Blend

Yorkville Olive Ranch


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