List of PhazeMoldDiet "approved" Olive Oils

Did you realize that a large percentage of so-called "Olive Oils" on the shelves in grocery stores are either fake, mixed with other types of inflammatory oils OR they are not 100% pure from the same grower of olives.

This can be a dangerous mistake if you are trying to detox from mold which is an inflammatory condition.

Below is a list of "approved" oils that are certified as 100% olive oil

11 Olives


43 Ranch Olive Oil

Leccino Lucca Picual

80 Monterey



Adobe Canyon Farms

Al Pie del Cielo

Codorniz Early Harvest Coratina Codorniz Field Blend Codorniz Early Harvest Pendolino

Alta Cresta

Coratina Frantoio Italian Blend Kitchen Blend Tuscan Blend

Apollo Olive Oil

Aglandau – Organic Barouni Coratin