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Sugar is killing you

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

In fact, Sugar is killing you if you've been exposed to mold

What does fungus and mold need to survive in your body? It needs Sugar (or carbohydrates). The more sugar, grains and carbohydrates you consume the more active your fungus and mold problem becomes. After being exposed to toxic mold this fungus can live in your intestines, fat, blood, joints, and organs. You are continually feeding the fungus infection by eating additional fungus and sugar containing foods. The more fungus in your body the more mycotoxins they produce. The more mycotoxins in your body the more inflammation, rapidly forming diseases and pain you will have as a result of being exposed to toxic mold.  Quickly after mold exposure, if unchecked you can develop cancer, lupus, MS, heart problems, brain damage, weight problems, skin diseases, diabetes, mental dysfunction and inflammatory and severe autoimmune disease. Sugar feeds Fungus: You have to come to terms with the fact that you will NEVER recover from mold illness unless you go through a period of at least 6 months with absolutely NO sugar (at a minimum).  Most often it takes about 12 months to make a full recovery.  Sugar, grains and yeast are relentless.   Tried it my way....failed     Tried to eat only a little sugar.....failed    Tried to deny sugar was an issue....FAILED No Sugars: No Processed Sugar, No Sweeteners, No Natural Sugars (Except raw unfiltered honey or monk fruit), slow down on fruit consumption to 1 or 2 fruits a day maximum on Phazes 1, 2 and 3...then in Phaze 4 only consume the few I have on the shopping lists that specifically have a low glycemic index and are low in sugar and fructose).

The Problem

Sugar creates the same response in the body and brain as a drug. For this reason, it was extremely impossible for me to just "not eat it". So many things start happening when you simply try to go cold-turkey and remove sugars. Depression. Feeling down in the dumps is a common sugar withdrawal symptom. Anxiety. Feelings of anxiousness may also be accompanied by nervousness, restlessness, and irritability. You'll also start noticing not-so-good changes in your sleep patterns. Some people experience changes in their sleep when detoxing from sugar. Cognitive issues. Cravings. the main purpose for the PhazeMoldDiet. It helps to minimize these terrible side effects that cause most people to stop eating a mold diet in the first place.


If you are brand new to the PhazeMoldDiet and you tend to consume commercially-processed sugar it is a good idea to start with Phaze1. Sample Shopping List Here are my top shopping list essentials for ALL of the Phazes.  

  • Fresh "Cold-pressed" Olive Oil (Bigger bottle)

  • Organic Grass-Fed Butter

  • PINK Himalayan Salt

  • 3-4 Cloves Organic Garlic

  • Small raw Ginger (3-4 inches?)

  • 2 bags of Organic carrots

  • 4-6 Organic and non-GMO Green Apples

  • 3-4 Organic Lemons

  • Eggs (pastured are best, second best is organic but organic are fed grains so this is not going to help)

  • Chicken Breast (a few packages? Pastured is best but hard to find)

  • Wild caught Alaskan Salmon

  • Pastured Ground Turkey

  • Ground Beef (Grass Fed)

  • Raw Almonds

  • Raw Pecans

  • Raw Walnuts

  • Romaine Lettuce

  • Spinach

  • Your favorite vegetables from the foods list on the current phaze you are on that are approved to eat.

  • Spring Water


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Hey guys!! I'm Jennifer.  I was exposed to toxic mold 10 years ago and struggled my way through detox.  I created this site to help other mold sufferers follow a "mold detox diet" successfully.



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