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Red Pepper and Onion Salmon Poppers with spicy red pepper dipping sauce

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Flavorful bite-size poppers with Salmon, Red Peppers and Onion. These are grain-free, gluten-free and dairy free (even the sauce). Using healthy oils for frying and healthy mold-compliant ingredients.


Glass or stone cutting board

Stainless steel kitchen knife

Large glass or stainless steel mixing bowl

Small to medium sized glass or stainless steel mixing bowl

Stainless steel frying pan (avoid non stick or aluminum cookware to avoid toxins)


Stainless steel tongs for turning poppers

Baking cooling rack

Paper towels


2 cups of Alaskan wild-caught salmon (If buying canned salmon, make sure that the can is BPA-free and the fish is Alaskan wild caught. Avoid traditional canned and farm-raised salmon, as it is not good for your body).

1/2 cup organic red onion (small onion)

2 Tbsp of filtered water


1/2 cup either: coconut milk, almond milk or hemp milk

Frying oil mix

1/2 cup of (COOC) Olive oil

1/4 cup of cold pressed organic coconut oil


  1. Rinse the onion and red bell pepper in a separate bowl with filtered water and 2 Tbsp of baking soda to eliminate any fungus that could be growing on the vegetables.

  2. Using your cutting board and knife, mince and dice up the garlic, onion and bell pepper and set aside.

3. In the large separate glass or stainless steel mixing bowl, combine the salmon, 1/2 cup organic red onion (small onion), 1/2 cup organic red bell pepper , 1 tsp organic cayenne pepper and 2 Tbsp minced organic garlic combine the ingredients until thoroughly blended.

4. In the small to med-sized glass or stainless steel mixing bowl, combine the eggs, water and 2 Tbsp organic psyllium husk powder , 1/4 cup almond coconut flour and 1/4 cup organic almond flour

5. Let the egg and flours sit for 10 minutes (This allows the psyllium husk to swell and activate. Activated psyllium husk replaces the binding power of gluten in this recipe so it's important to allow it to sit for 10 minutes)

6. While you wait 10 minutes for the psyllium/flour mixture to activate, preheat your oil mixture in the frying pan on low to medium heat.

7. Blend both mixtures together in the larger bowl. Salmon mixture and psyllium/flour mixture.

8. Using the spoon, place enough mixture onto just the size of the spoon. Using your finger, drop the mixture slowly and carefully into the oil. (don't splash the hot oil or it will burn)

9. Cook each popper on one side for approximately 6-8 minutes then using the tongs turn each popper over to the other side and fry the opposite side for another 6-8 minutes.

10. Keep in mind that the oil may take on a foamy white look and that's ok. It's the coconut oil mixing with the psyllium husk.

11. Once both sides are fried a light crispy brown, use the tongs to remove the poppers and place them onto paper towels that are on top of a baking cooling rack.

ENJOY!! (Dipping sauce recipe is below)


Blend all the ingredients below in a separate bowl


1/2 cup either: coconut milk, almond milk or hemp milk

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