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Pepper & Broccoli Egg Bake


Small knife or toothpicks


1/3 cup of non-dairy milk choice. My recipe includes 1/3 cup of full fat coconut milk. (coconut full fat milk, almond milk or hemp milk for Phazes 3,4,5) and/or (Rice Milk, Oat Milk, Cashew Milk, coconut milk, almond milk or hemp milk for Phazes 1, 2, 6 or 7)

1 Tablespoon of minced organic garlic

1 Tablespoon of finely minced organic onion

1/2 cup of diced organic Red Pepper

1/2 cup of diced organic Yellow Pepper

1/2 cup of diced small cuts organic broccoli

1 teaspoon of celtic sea salt OR pink himalayan salt

1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper


  1. Preheat an oven to 350 degrees

  2. Wash and rinse all of your vegetables in filtered water first. I always rinse my vegetables in a filtered water and 1 teaspoon mix in a bowl to rinse away dirt, pests and kill off any fungus. You'll want to get into a habit of this for your health.

  3. Cut and dice up your vegetables using your cutting board and knife

  4. In the other small bowl crack all 6 eggs and whisk them for about 30 seconds until they are completely incorporated.

  5. Add all of the remaining ingredients into the bowl and whisk lightly for another minute or so until all of the ingredients are well blended.

  6. Spray the bottom of your casserole dish with the avocado oil. (DO NOT use unapproved spray oils as they will put "bad fats" into your diet that cause inflammation. If you do not have avocado spray oil on hand you can use: coconut oil or grass fed butter or ghee. I find that olive oil, while healthy does not keep the egg bake from sticking, so you'll want to use avocado oil and always keep it in your pantry.)

  7. Pour mixture into the baking dish

  8. Baking: Because each oven is different, you'll want to keep an eye on baking times. Average baking time is between 30-40 minutes but be safe and set your timer for 30 minutes and then insert a toothpick or knife into the center every 5 minutes (after the 30-minute time) to be able to monitor the doneness. When a knife or toothpick is inserted into the center point it should come out completely clean...that is when you know it's done.

  9. Serve and Enjoy!!


Pepper and Broccoli Egg bake should be eaten the same day. Avoid leftovers and storing in refrigerator or freezer. Egg dishes don't turn out too well after being frozen.

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