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Lemony Salmon & Asparagus

Quick and easy dinner/lunch dish with wild caught salmon, organic asparagus and organic lemons.

Recipe serves 4


  • Stainless Steel frying pan & lid

  • Stainless Steel medium sized saucepan (approx 2 quarts works best)

  • Stainless Steel vegetable steamer

  • Stainless Steel kitchen cutting knife

  • Glass or stone cutting board

  • Small stainless steel or glass mixing bowl for oil and herbs


4 (6 oz) - Skin "on" or "off" Wild Alaskan Salmon fillets

2 bunches of organic asparagus

Avocado spray for non-stick cooking

2 organic lemons

2 cloves of garlic

Herbed seasoning of your choice

dash of Celtic Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt

dash of Cayenne Pepper

4 tablespoons of grassfed butter

Filtered, distilled or spring water for steaming vegetables