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Lemonbalm herbal tea

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Herbal teas are a huge part of the Phaze Mold Diet. Always make sure to source your herbal teas from loose leaf, organic sources. Only select herbal teas are approved on the PhazeMoldDiet for ALL 8 Phazes. Enjoy!!


  • Tea Pot or small saucepan

  • Filtered water

  • Coffee cup of your choice (I have clear coffee mugs pictured here in my recipe for a visual example but you can use any glass or ceramic cup). Avoid using plastic for obvious reasons even if they are created for heat resistance.

  • Tea infuser - My favorite tea infuser is the one I have pictured here in my kitchen. I have tried multiple tea infusers only to have them break apart or get smashed (the mesh portion). I finally found tea infusers that last the test of time and I'll probably have them forever. Click on any of the tea infusers below to purchase. *Note: you can use any tea infuser but this just happens to be the one I am in love with.


  • Organic Loose Leaf LemonBalm Tea leaves

  • *Organic Lemon: Optional

  • *Organic Raw Unfiltered Honey: Optional


  1. Filter the amount of water you need for tea

  2. Fill up your tea pot or sauce pan with the filtered water.

  3. Turn on your stovetop to med/high heat. (DO NOT MICROWAVE TEA - microwaving tea destroys the molecular structure of water making it very unhealthy to consume)

  4. Fill your tea infuser/s with about 2 Tablespoons of loose leaf tea for each (mug-sized) cup you are brewing.

  5. Once the water has reached a boil you may turn off the heat.

  6. Place the infuser with the loose leaf tea into the cup.

  7. Poor the hot water over the tea to fill up the cup to your desired level. (If you are adding a lemon leave enough space so only fill the cup approximately 2/3 full)

  8. Let the tea leaves steep for about 8-10 minutes

If you are adding raw honey you'll need to use a thermometer like this one to determine the temperature of the tea and make sure that you are not putting raw honey into any liquid that is above 110°F. Personally, I've read that going above 95°F begins to ruin the health properties of raw honey so make sure you read the facts below before adding raw honey to any tea. ----> Some facts about raw honey:
Pollen, propolis, antioxidants, and enzymes found in rawhoney are destroyed at temperatures above 110°F.
Heating honey higher than 140°F degrades the quality of the honey
temperatures above 160°F caramelize the sugars.
Once caramelized, what you have in your honey jar may be sweet, but it isn't really honey anymore.

Once the tea has steeped and cooled off you can either add the optional honey or lemon or just drink it as is! ENJOY!!

Lemonbalm herbal tea

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