Cobb Salad

Updated: Apr 28

Most Cobb Salads contain ingredients that may not be approved for those detoxing from mold. One of those ingredients could be feta cheese or blue cheese which are on our list as being "moldy foods".

Our version of the Cobb Salad is clean and free from the cheeses most often found in a Cobb Salad roundup.

The important thing to remember about the ingredients is to make sure each particular ingredient is chosen wisely.

Some important bits of information to know:


  • Stainless saucepan

  • Stainless frying pan

  • Filtered water to boil eggs in

  • Filtered water to wash veggies in.

  • Glass, stainless or granite/quartz cutting board. Avoid plastic and wooden cutting boards on the PhazeMoldDiet.

  • Kitchen cutting knife to cut vegetables and meats