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What is the PhazeMoldDiet?


The PhazeMoldDiet is finally the mold detox diet everyone who has been exposed to mold has been looking for!


This is a complete mold diet that finally addresses the "real cause" of a "failed mold diet attempt".  If you've tried to go on a mold detox diet and failed over and over...this is the diet plan that is full-proof! The diet features 8 proprietary "phazes" that help clients have better success at sticking to a mold detoxification diet instead of deciding after 3 days of eating nothing but grass "your done!".   

The PhazeMoldDiet will help guide you on a 12-month journey to healing by helping you learn about sugar weaning, moldy foods to avoid, immune-boosting properties of specific foods and overall how to continue to eat balanced Whole-Food meals after you are well again. 

People who have been exposed to mold who have mold illness, mycotoxicosis or CIRS are told to start eating a mold detoxification diet without guidance and can most often lead to food cravings, being "hangry" and simply not sticking to the eating restrictions.  You also feel like you don't know how to put meals together or make food that not only helps you heal but also tastes great.

Food Blogger

"Along with proper treatment, mold avoidance practices, mold prevention and detox...the PhazeMoldDiet provides the missing tool in helping sufferers of mold toxicity to recover better"

What's in the PhazeMoldDiet?


Unlike other diets, PhazeMoldDiet has 8 phazes that gradually guide you into detox and into a new healthier lifestyle after detox


Beautiful full color recipes that correspond with each phaze you are currently on.  All recipes have been tested and approved.


We take the guess-work out of figuring out which foods to eat by giving you complete lists of the types of foods for each Phaze.


Connect with other members on the PhazeMoldDiet in our community and share encouraging videos and pictures

Plans that Work for You



Our FREE option is geared toward users that do not need help in following the PhazeMoldDiet but who simply want the basic information of what each Phaze is for and can create their own recipes on their own. 


8 Phaze Descriptions

Full descriptions of each Phaze and the purpose of that particular Phaze.

Food list for only Phaze 4

Phaze 4 is only the strict detox phaze. 

Educational information about foods and shopping

Articles about benefits or dangers of certain foods and tips and resources for shopping




8 Phaze Descriptions

Full descriptions of each Phaze and the purpose of that particular Phaze.

Food lists for all Phazes

Food lists for each Phaze and the purpose of that particular Phaze.

Educational information about foods and shopping

Detailed food lists for all 8 phazes of the PhazeMold

Recipes for each Phaze

Full color recipes with ingredients and instructions for each recipe

Discussion Forum Community

Discuss recipes, struggles, pictures and accomplishments in our discussion forum.


Cooking Eggs

from the creator

"As someone who has lived through a horrific mold exposure I struggled to stick to a diet full of (what you can't have).  I knew in order for me to beat this I was going to have to psychologically come up with a solution to make it an achievable goal. 

So, instead of getting rid of 90% of all foods cold turkey I did my research and organized the foods to remove in a proprietary order.  Once I began to follow this order it was easy to stay on the diet and get through detox much better." 
~ Jennifer, creator of the PhazeMoldDiet

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