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Raspberry Coconut yogurt parfaits

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Dairy-free and gluten-free breakfast parfaits are a simple solution for those mornings when its hard to get out of bed. Although this recipe is only for Phazes 1, 2, 7 and 8 it is still a quick and easy choice.

NOTE (Yogurt):

This recipe requires premade homemade Coconut yogurt. You can find our homemade coconut yogurt recipe HERE. Most store-bought coconut yogurt contains added sugars which can slow down your detox process. (If I become aware of a store-bought brand that is free from chemical additives or sugars I'll post it here and in "My favorite Products" page of the website but until then, I make my own)

NOTE (Raspberries):

Raspberries are one of the fruits that are low in sugar and are approved on ALL 8 Phazes of the PhazeMoldDiet.

NOTE (Oats):

[Mold in Oats] - Occasionally food inspectors will come across a batch of mold-contaminated oats. However, all other things being considered, these crops are generally more resistant to fungal contamination and considered a "low mold grain". (CAST 1989).

[Oats "fueling mold growth"] - Oat are "ONLY" approved for Phazes 1, 2, 7 & 8 because they tend to be used by molds and candida in the body to stay alive. We do not go over "fueled and moldy foods" until Phazes 3, 4 & 5, but if you are not eating grains or you just want to omit them you can replace the oats with "crushed almonds" instead.

[Organic Oats only] All Oats on the PhazeMoldDiet "MUST" be organic.


Glass mason jars or bowls are ok too...


Food processor or "Nutri-Bullet"


4 cups of "Homemade Coconut Yogurt" (Our recipe is HERE) 2 cups Organic Steel Cut Oats or a "Grain-Free Granola" recipe (coming soon) 6 ounces fresh organic raspberries


  1. In your blender or nutri-bullet blend 1/2 of the strawberries until smooth

  2. Now it's time to start layering.

  3. Add one layer of yogurt, then raspberry puree, then another layer of yogurt.

  4. Then in the middle you'll add a layer of your oats or grain free granola.

  5. Then again, you'll add one layer of yogurt, then raspberry puree, then another layer of yogurt.

  6. Top your yogurt jars with the remaining "whole" raspberries. Done and done!

"This is delicious for breakfast, snack, even for a dessert! It looks great in a glass, but can also be made in a bowl. Using organic raspberries are a fruit that are low in sugar (fructose).

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Jennifer Cannon
Jennifer Cannon
Jul 31, 2020

Thanks Robert. We are in prelaunch which means you grow with us as we build up the recipes and learning food guides. The recipe has now been posted. Feel free to comment how it turned out


Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson
Jul 27, 2020

where is the recipe for the parfait?


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