Clean Eating Potato & Egg Salad

Updated: Apr 5

Clean ingredients make up this potato salad. Organic potatoes, celery, cucumber and green pepper with healthy fats and pastured eggs.

Stay aware of the Phazes that are approved for this recipe. Potatoes are a starch that will feed candida and mold so this recipe is only approved during phazes 1, 2 and 8 when you are close to being detoxed fully. At the beginning of the phazemolddiet you need some starch so that you do not herx too quickly as you "Phaze" #3 which is your strict detox phaze.....eliminating all starches, sugars and gluten suddenly will cause extreme herx, worse illness and also molds and yeasts will produce more mycotoxin in defense which can harm your body. So in the first 2 your potatoes....just eat them in moderation and make sure, as always that they are "organic".


2 stainless steel saucepans or pots

Glass or stone cutting board

Stainless Steel Kitchen knife

Small glass, ceramic or stainless steel serving bowl

Slotted spoon

Optional Egg slicer - BUY HERE