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Broccoli "UnCheese" Soup

Before my mold exposure Broccoli & Cheese soup was one of our favorite soups. I knew I had to give it up permanently to change my health but I also knew if I got it just right I could duplicate the texture and taste while still making it extremely healthy. Here's my "mold-safe" version of Broccoli and Cheese soup and I call it: Broccoli & "UnCheese" soup


  • Food processor or: (nutribullet, Blendtec, Blender, Hand blender,

  • Large stainless steel stockpot

  • Medium/Large-sized stainless steel saucepan

  • Silicone Spatula

  • Glass, Ceramic, Stainless, Quartz or Marble cutting board (Avoid wooden cutting boards & plastic cutting boards)

  • Stainless Steel kitchen cutting knife

  • Stainless steel cheese grater

  • Garlic press or mincer

  • 2 small-medium sized stainless steel or glass mixing bowls

  • Large stainless steel or glass bowl to rinse vegetables in

  • 2 tbsp baking soda to rinse vegetables in

  • Water filter (for clean non-toxic water)


Recipe yields 12 servings (great for eating now and freezing for later)