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Anti-fungal Juicing Recipe

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Simple Mold Detox Juice recipe with carrots, green apple, ginger and garlic.

When I ran across this amazing remedy for an anti-fungal juicing option from reading the book MOLD: The War Within, I was amazed at how effective it really was.  After just 3-4 tall glasses of this and I was starting to detox and show signs of "die off".  Here is the recipe that I tweaked slightly and now use on a daily basis.


INGREDIENTS - (Makes 2 glasses of Mold Detox Juice/ One day's supply for one person)

  • 6 Organic Carrots

  • 1 Organic Green Granny Smith Apple

  • 1 Tablespoon of Organic Garlic

  • 1 Tablespoon of Organic Ginger

Optional Ingredients that add a boost:

  • 1 stalk of Organic celery

  • 1 cup of Organic Parsley


  1. Wash carrots and clip off the tops of the carrots. (This small area can harbor mold so I always clip them off first). 

  2. Cut up apple to fit nicely into juicer.

  3. Slice off approximately 1 Tablespoon of both the Garlic and Ginger. 

  4. Place a glass jar or container under the spout of your juicer.

  5. Put all ingredients into the juicer and stir. 

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Hey guys!! I'm Jennifer.  I was exposed to toxic mold 10 years ago and struggled my way through detox.  I created this site to help other mold sufferers follow a "mold detox diet" successfully.



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